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Healing Through Deliverance


Healing Through Deliverance

The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry


by Peter Horrobin

Learn how to see God’s order restored in spirit, soul and body.

Peter Horrobin has more than thirty years experience teaching about healing and ministering to those in need. In this comprehensive, practical and ground-breaking volume, he sets out a thorough scriptural foundation for the healing and deliverance ministry. Healing and deliverance is an integral part of fulfilling the Great Commission and a vital key to discipleship.

Part 1 lays out the biblical basis for the ministry of healing and deliverance. Horrobin analyses in detail the ministry of Jesus and the early Church. He looks at the supernatural realm of angels and demons, and explores how powers of darkness can affect people’s lives. He provides thorough answers to many difficult questions.

Part 2 provides safe guidelines and tools for establishing a healing and deliverance ministry through the local church and in counselling. Horrobin identifies demonic entry points, teaches how people can become affected by demonic powers, and explains step by step how they can be set free and healed.

Part 3 provides important guidelines on how to apply the ministry of healing and deliverance to the cleansing of land and buildings.

This authoritative and biblically based handbook will equip you to understand and respond to the call of God to set the captives free.  It is complemented by a comprehensive set of informative appendixes and a bibliography.

ISBN: 9781852408664
592 pages


  1. Florelle (verified owner)

    This book should be read, and studied, by EVERY Believer who believes that Mark 16:17-18 is talking about them! No book has the right to be sooooooo good that it takes you days to read Chapter 11 because it is filled with excellent content and needs to be digested – slowly! lol!

    This is the Training Manual to be used in conjunction with your Bible. It is totally Word based, and it will encourage you to confidently go forth, in the name of Jesus, knowing that these signs will follow you: ”In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

  2. Darren (verified owner)

    Peter’s book is a great handbook to understanding the spiritual realm and for looking at specific issues that effect us. It gave me a real understanding and foundation to what has been traditionally a difficult area. I would recommend it for anyone seeking to get a clear grounding in healing, deliverance and foundational discipleship.

  3. Marion Walther (verified owner)

    Wonderful very helpful. Every person who ministers to the sick needs this training.

  4. Denise (verified owner)

    Undescribable!!!! Love it!

  5. Uggenzo (verified owner)

    This is a solid work that stands well in both Biblical scholarship and everyday practicality. It may challenge some readers because it does not pander to convenience, and it’s the sort of book that draws a person back for more than one reading. This is a welcome addition to the literature dealing with deliverance ministry, for both lay people and clergy.

  6. Mr Michael Baker (verified owner)

    This book will open the eyes of all who know and love the Lord to see what healing and deliverance there is for all people. This applies to Churches and its members as well to those who are outside and looking for help;

  7. Barb (verified owner)

    This is an excellent, and well balanced book on the subject of healing. It is well researched, and filled with Scriptural passages to bring clarity. This is probably one of the most important books on healing that I have ever read.

  8. Marion Walther (verified owner)

    This is eye opening revelation. Very Biblical! A must read for every Christian.

  9. Barb (verified owner)

    This resource is top in its field. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand a biblical foundation for healing – and to understand that healing is still relevant today.

  10. Emily (verified owner)

    Tremendous book.

    This is a must-read for every Christian, and indispensable for anyone on a ministry team or doing counselling/inner healing. Peter Horrobin carries with him not only 28 years experience of formal healing and deliverance ministry, and has set up over twenty global training centres, he is an excellent and very comprehensive teacher.

    No single summary of this book can do it justice. I filled half a notebook with quotes and notes from the teaching, and read about a quarter of it aloud to my husband at intervals. It opened up our eyes to areas in our own family histories where things may have crept in that were not of God’s order or intention, and we were able to take authority over these things for our own sake and those of future generations.

  11. Mr. R. H. Nailer (verified owner)

    This book will change your life if you read it with a strong Christian faith. To see healing linked with driving out demons is a fundamental revelation and is seeing healing in the way Jesus did.

  12. Ruth Fraser (verified owner)

    This book is an excellent resource for anyone who is learning about deliverance and wants to walk in this ministry.

  13. Joe Mich (verified owner)

    The book was divided into three sections. The first section was the Biblical background for the demonic and evil spirits. The second section dealt with the different types of spirits and how they effect us. The last section dealt with the procedures for freeing people. The author seems evil spirits in a lot of the New Testament Scriptures. I am not sure if I totally agree with all his understanding. I do agree that with Jesus (God) walking on the earth that the demonic forces would be out to stop Him at any cost. It would be challenging to refute the author’s work since he has verified mostly everything through the experiences of his ministry. There were a few parts in his book which I disagreed with. He does not offer you a clear set of steps to follow that will work for everyone. The Holy Spirit has to be your guide, because everyone is different.

  14. Anon (verified owner)

    It’s a big book. Time and lack of mental energy have not allowed me to plunge into it!

  15. Beverly Lower (verified owner)

    Peter knows the inside and out of man’s issues because God has given him such great insight and giftings. And when he was called to, “Come follow me!”, Peter did and still does. He hears from God and willinly obeys! He is highly favored by God!

  16. Mrs H R Cunniffe (verified owner)

    Peter Horrobin’s book – as ever – is excellent. It provides a balanced approach to the very aspects of Christian life that rarely get attention. Yet this whole area can cause so much suffering for the individual and church as a body. This book supplies knowledge and brings home the reality of battles in the spiritual realm without the nonsense of an over emphasis on the ‘dark side’ shall we say. This book teaches us to focus fully on the cross of Jesus and the teaching of scripture ensuring we don’t engage in a blind crusade of enemy pursuit. In essence this book provides clear biblical principles, not only to deliverance ministry as a whole, but also to the make up of mankind, body soul and spirit, the position (or pecking order) of all created beings and the Lordship of Christ. This is a must for all those seeking healing and deliverance and for those who are not. Peter Horrobin provides such a wealth of information and teaching that this really is too good to miss. Its a practical and realistic approach that will also keep your feet on the ground.

  17. H. W. Reijnon (verified owner)

    Peter Horrobin and the people who are working with him at Ellel ministries, have years of experience in healing and delivering people. This experience is expressed in a well balanced way in this book. The foundation part will learn you a lot about the way Jesus and His followers healed and delivered people. It will open your eyes to another way of reading the Gospels. The second part gives you a lot of tools and a deeper insight in ways people can be hurt, chained and in need of delivrance. But also how you can deliver them. This book is unique, because it learns you to see how healing and deliverance connects together and must allways be ministered together.

  18. Peggy Castorri (verified owner)

    perfect and quick

  19. Richard Fila (verified owner)

    I’ve often struggled with reading and been especially put off by big books! But, as just an ordinary person with a heart to help people who are hurting, I found this book incredibly powerful and accessible. I really believe God can work through anyone and he is the one who placed the desire in my heart to be able to help people. This book has been a significant part of my equipping to pray for others in need and really clearly explained the frequent occurrences of deliverance in the gospels. I was shocked to realise just how much of the gospels talks about deliverance and how I had seen none of it in my church life at all! Peter does not subscribe to the hype and hysteria which so often surrounds what is known as deliverance ministry and explains why and how to do it in a safe and pure way which I believe is thoroughly close to God’s heart. I thoroughly commend this book to you.

  20. Alexander Smith (verified owner)

    If your considering deliverance ministry, this is the manual you need!

  21. Cynthia (verified owner)

    I purchased it for a class.It is far beyond what I expected.Answers the questions as you read.So easy to understand.Eye opener.indeed.Thank God for Peter Horrobin and God’s Great Word.

  22. Grant Stewart. (verified owner)

    I love this book. This should be in every bookshelf of every believer in Christ. Thanks.

  23. hanna (verified owner)

    Great stuff to learn!

  24. J. Rogers (verified owner)

    I have only begun to read this book, but it looks like it will further my understanding and abilities to be a minister of deliverance. Something everyone is in need of. For years I did not realize that all those old habits and feelings were from the Demonic world, and now, being able to be cleansed is truly a miracle. God does not want us to carry the “old influences of sin”. Through Christ Jesus, we are saved, and healed.

  25. Dr Benson E. Ikini (verified owner)

    Good value for money

  26. Believer (verified owner)

    Excellent !

  27. Dennis Gibson (verified owner)

    Execllent resource book for understanding deliverance.