Our Vision

Sovereign World commissions, publishes and distributes Christian books globally.  Books are selected which are both firmly founded on the Word of God and rightly reflect the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The Journey so Far

SWL was founded in 1986 by Chris Mungeam. His desire was that all Sovereign’s books should reflect a healthy balance of the Word of God and the Spirit of God.  What a tremendous privilege it has been to publish books by authors such as Tom Marshall, Derek Prince, Lance Lambert, Peter Horrobin, David Cross, Rolland and Heidi Baker, Michael Green and many others.

In 2006 the company was taken over by Ellel Ministries International, which had been established by Peter Horrobin in 1986.  Peter had left his own publishing career to found Ellel Ministries . Peter and Chris have known each other since their youth group days at Cheam Baptist Church under the ministry of Arthur J Matthews.

As part of Ellel Ministries, the company continued to expand its list of quality Christian books on a variety of subjects, from devotionals to profound personal testimonies, discipleship, books relating to Israel and books that would help people deal with day-to-day issues in their lives in a godly way.

Naturally Sovereign World became the vehicle through which Ellel Ministries published their own teaching books in the area of Christian healing and discipleship. The Truth and Freedom series of titles now covers a wide range of very relevant topics. These are complimented by a series of testimony books, in which people who have experienced God’s healing in their lives tell their remarkable stories. We continue to publish devotional books, teaching books that help Christians live a fuller Christian life and connect readers with the heart of God.

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