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Standing in the Gap


Standing in the Gap

Understanding Intercession


by Johannes Facius

There are countless books available today on prayer, however intercession is different. Johannes Facius clearly explains what it means to be a true intercessor and how to go about using the gift. If what he says is put into practice, then the difference will be seen not just in the church, but throughout the world. Johannes writes about the following topics:

  •  The Dynamics of Intercession
  • The Principle of the Body
  •  Prophetic Intercession
  •  Being Available
  •  Confidence and Trust
  •  Power Tools for Prayer
  •  The Purpose of Intercession

Includes discussion questions for small group use.

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ISBN: 9781852404383
96 pages


  1. C’est Moi

    Delves deeply into the father heart of God and the blocks we could have in making that truth a reality in our lives. Another excellent book embodying the truths of the Bible.

  2. Graham J Swaffield

    excellent book well written and great for ministry.

  3. ibanove Acevedo

    Great book it helps you see the Lord as he is not as we perceive him to be

  4. Randy Williams

    Great read to understand God’s desire to be in relationship with mankind

  5. piligrim b

    Johannes explains what real praying is, and how intercession differs greatly, in that it is identifying with the one we are praying for, and continually presenting their needs to Father God for as long as is necessary. In intercession we are working together with God for the fulfilment of His purposes in the world. He gives some good life examples, and I love his account of how he became aware of the Ministry of Availability, which I think I can claim to have aswell! He gives us a wonderful explanation of how to follow Jesus on pages 60 and 61, and a revelation that one of the chief goals for intercessory prayer is to produce a spiritual revival in our society. This is both a great teaching and reference book on the subject, which I am referring to time and time again.

  6. tkane 1

    This book by Johannes Facius is one of the best books on prayer I’ve ever read. He has learned some very important lessons about prayer in his years as a leader in widespread prayer efforts. One lesson the Lord taught him is the importance of working together as the Body. Together we (the church) will overcome the enemy, not merely through our individual efforts. This is a very important lesson for us in the West. Many other important lessons on prayer are found in this slim volume. We must take prayer, and specifically intercessory prayer, more seriously; it truly changes the world, and will change us as we yield to the Spirit in these efforts.

  7. Nigel Sykes


  8. Duke

    Had the privilege of encountering Johannes Facius, men like this walk the talk. This is not just a book written for the purpose of written but it’s what the Holy Spirit has mentored through men like this over a 2 decades and what he has handled has been presented to us.

  9. Florence

    Clear and concise wisdom, biblically sound, a must read for anyone serious in taking their prayer life to the next level.

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