Dynamic Prayer

Dynamic Prayer


Stepping Stones to the Father Heart of God

Stepping Stones to the Father Heart of God
Listening with Understanding

Listening with Understanding


Listening with Understanding

Discerning God's Voice


by Clifford Hill

Listening is one of the most important parts of our relationship with God. Our ability to listen and receive instruction is what defines our lives as Christians. The Bible is alive with the voice of God.  But it matters greatly how we hear, heed and act upon what He says. Recognising the voice of God is only the first step towards the act of ‘listening’. Unless we confidently know the mind of Christ and interpret his voice correctly, we cannot apply what we receive into decisive actions of faith.

Contained in this instruction book of ‘listening’ is also the call to ‘look’. The author explains how God opens our eyes to the world as if we are looking through His. It is a crucial part in the process of interpreting the signs of the times we live in. Without having this capacity to look, see, listen and understand believers will be in danger of falling into complacency, deception and sin. However, if we ‘listen’, we can have the mind of Christ that will change our and others lives.

Issachar Ministries is named after the tribe of Issachar. In the time of King David this tribe was renowned for having men of prayer who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12.32). The objective of the Ministry is to seek understanding, from a Biblical perspective, of current events both in Britain and on the international scene and equip believers to meet the challenges.

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ISBN: 9781852406240
112 pages


  1. John M Nixon (verified owner)

    Helpful exploration of how we can listen more effectively to Father God – useful examples and challenges to us to about listening with intent. Worth reading and dipping back into

  2. Jane Hills (verified owner)

    Very helpful for me at present

  3. Sean E. Nash (verified owner)

    Listening with Understanding does exactly what it says on the tin…. Clifford Hill has a proven track record in ministry, with an emphasis on the true prophetic. With so many “prophets ” out there prophesying so many things, rather than get confused, go to the source, the Lord Himself; and learn how to tune in, through meditating upon and understandiing the scriptures in their true context, and developing your intimate prayer life with the Father. I found this book did all of the above and was exciting to read and very practical and down to earth. It’s also spread out under various topics, so that you can come back to areas of study you want to re-examine.In true teacher style, each chapter has some points to ponder for you to reflect upon and to apply to your own life.

  4. Dave Cole (verified owner)



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