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The God Life

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The God Life

Letters of the Apostle Paul as Personalised by Jim Graham


by Rev Jim Graham

This powerfully inspired paraphrase of most of Paul’s letters, reveals the heart of God for His people in the most extraordinary of ways. Jim Graham gets right to the core of the Apostle Paul’s writings. He opens our eyes to see afresh God’s intentions for Christian living and challenges us to live our lives accordingly.

Jim’s unpacks Paul’s letters and writes in beautiful language to help us grasp the depth of Paul’s epistles. He looks at the foundations, the freedom, the joy, the hope and the focus life in Christ brings.

Described as a “superb interpretation”, a “brilliant paraphrase”, a “spiritual treasure” and a ”remarkable book by an extraordinary man of God”. This could be the most important book Sovereign World has ever published. Destined to be an essential classic.

ISBN: 9781852407445
256 pages


  1. Shannon

    Just finished the first 5 chapters of Romans in The God Life and I’m so thankful for this rendering of Paul’s letter. I hope and pray this book does very well in the US and I’ll certainly tell my friends about it. What a legacy for Jim Graham.

  2. Sue Revelle

    very good condition, the book was a present to a friend.

  3. Christopher Beadle

    This book is a rather rambling,long-winded paraphrase of the letters of Paul the apostle to the gentiles.The author uses long drawn out titles quite a lot, super hyphenated titles like this one for example referring to God and Jesus,and I quote “our always-is God and his son, the Master-sent-from-Heaven- by-God-rescuer”,what a mouthful that one is,and there are more of the same dotted throughout the book.I much prefer the paraphrase by J.B.Phillips,LETTERS TO YOUNG CHURCHES as this is a pleasure to read,whereas the THE GOD-LIFE,note another hyphen even in the title, is so drawn out that I was glad when I reached the end of it.Of course the best thing to do is to continue to read and re-read the letters from the Holy Bible itself with prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance. All in all, to be fair to the author,he has done is best here,but in my opinion for what it’s worth this book falls far short of an enjoyable read in its extended titles which put my teeth on edge,and in its repetition and long drawn out sentences,therefore I have only awarded it three stars.

  4. Becky Crawford

    This book absolutely blew my mind! It is so powerful. I can’t wait to buy it and make sure everyone I know reads it!

  5. Trevor P Davies

    There is a real annointing on this book, you can feel Pauls passion for his Master, and his desire for his readers to have that same passion. Jim Graham has left a Spirit inspired legacy.

  6. Walter Crick

    The scriptures like you have never read them before, this very personal pharaprase can only give you a deeper thirst for the word of God as it’s richness and clarity unfolds. I just read and re-read and receive a fresh revelation each time. If you love the word of God this ahould be on your bookshelf.

  7. Fizz

    First class paraphrase written with much experience and clarity.

  8. Brian L young

    An excellent paraphrase of Paul’s letters

  9. Katri Kaunonen

    Absolutely a wonderful book.

  10. S. Adams

    A soul stirring rendering of the text. The Kindle sample contains an excellent intro and the first two and a half chapters of Romans. I haven’t read a rendering this good in a long time. Very compelling and God-exalting.

  11. Marilyninbrugge

    This is a fantastic translation of some of the New Testament. Really aids my understanding

  12. CH

    It’s like a conversational sermon in Romans written by a great preacher and relates to many comments and interpretations used in his sermons.

  13. Maureen Cox


  14. Davek

    This book is an expanded paraphrase of St Paul’s letters and reads beautifully and provides a superb interpretation of the difficult doctrines contained within these letters. I highly commend this book to all who are interested in bible doctrine.

  15. H.R. Roissetter

    An amazing book , good to have another aspect on Pauls letters .Highly recommend it .

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