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The Foundations of Christian Living

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The Foundations of Christian Living

A Practical Guide to Christian Growth


The Foundations of Christian Living provides a systematic and practical study of the fundamental principles of discipleship.  When followed through and applied to life, these will stimulate growth in the Christian life. If you want to become a mature and fruitful disciple of Christ Jesus, then this important resource book was written especially for you.

Designed for use by both individuals in their private study, as a resource book, or as a group study manual. The book aims to help a wide range of Christians. From new believers, who need to be grounded in the realities of committed Christian living, through to group or church leaders.

Each of the 50 sections contain:

  • Key Scriptures
  • Teaching
  • Questions
  •  Practical Application

This book has been continually in print since its publication in 1988.

ISBN: 9781852404796
278 pages


  1. mavis

    My church used this book for teachings for several years. It was excellent book to use . Each chapter is broken down and explained in details
    Very useful for young and matured Christians.

    I have recommended it to new church Assemblies of the same church who have decided to buy
    Don’t be surprised if you see a rush for copies!

  2. RAS Yorkon

    This is one of the best books for spiritual growth, great for Foundational teaching for new believers as well every other believers that want to remind themselves of why they became a follower of Christ in the first place. it takes you back to the place of the cross.

  3. EmBee

    Perfect study book for Christians at any stage of their faith. We use this book in our adult Sunday school class and forms the perfect basis for discussion.

  4. kathleen doust

    Brilliant, informative well laid out. Great for group discussion goes into great depth on the important aspects of Christian living

  5. Susan T

    Am a christian, now what?
    Best way, not only what it means to be a christian, but also how to be a disciple of Christ. It’s worth every penny.

  6. M K Hervieon

    A must-have book for every Christian. It is REALLY helping me to grow spiritually

  7. Pastor David

    Bob extensive knowledge in Christian foundational doctrine makes the book very important in Sunday school teaching sessions for our church. We hope to make disciples for Christ by studying this book thoroughly.

  8. Irinaon

    A must have. Very solid, true doctrine.

  9. Joseph Diandy

    super Buch

  10. mrs. Teresa S. neary


  11. mary peers

    Very good teaching Manuel.

  12. Chraity Egbeson

    Must for anyone desiring spiritual growth

  13. Michael Wilden

    I don,t know if Bob was under strong spiritual guidance when he worked on this book.But I do know that it is a book second only to the bible..I know lots use it for home teaching groups..and can strogly reckomend this,,,Take this book seriouslyand it will take you to new hights of development in the christian faith…If you believe in Jesus,then you must have this book…the books title in scandinavia,is Discipleship Book..that says it all

  14. Will

    I am using this as part of our bible study group. Its big, and full of life-changing study topics that go through the bible in detail so you will get a deeper understanding of your faith, and ultimately God’s incredible gift of Jesus. Recommended to go through it with your Church leaders, but make sure to have committed people work through it with you.

  15. karnen

    Great study book, for all wanting to learn more about Christianity and how to live the life and why. A must have in any library.

  16. Meemee

    Fast delivery. Good price. Good seller.

  17. Em’s

    This book is good to study as a group and also good for families. Will recommend for cell groups and bible study groups.

  18. alun c owen

    bob gordon was a true man of god how do i know i worked with him for 7 years the book reflects his passion to teach others good foundation equals good buildings

  19. Mr Eric Amoako

    Great and wonderful book

  20. Mr. Stephen Redman

    An excellent discipleship course and a good reference for any Pastor to have on his shelf. This work has made a major contribution to Christian discipleship, and is an excellent next step after Alpha.

    Bob Gordon has left an excellent legacy with this volume.

  21. FounieViolette

    Great book for strong christian foundations
    Highly recommend all books from this author amongst them Master Builders: Developing Life and Leadership in the Body of Christ Today

  22. Paul

    It is so hard these days to find a comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of Christianity in a very clear presentation. This book is hard to beat if considering giving to a new or learning disciple, or one that is searching for the answers in their life through Christianity.

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