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Journey to Freedom Complete Set

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Journey to Freedom Complete Set

Personal Transformation - One Step at at Time. Understanding the Gospel and Living it Out.

£159.92 £125.00

by Peter Horrobin

This remarkable series of books by Peter Horrobin, the Founder of Ellel Ministries, is a life-transforming library which takes the reader one step at a time on a journey of personal transformation. Every book is packed with vital Bible-based teaching, insights and stories from Peter’s thirty years of ministry experience.  His relational style is easy to read. He explains difficult issues in ways that make them easy to understand. Many remarkable testimonies witness to the power of the Holy Spirit ministering healing life through the teaching. While each book is complete in itself, the reader is also invited to step out on their own journey of faith and understanding as they take daily steps of faith through all eight books in the series.

Book 1 – Building on the Rock

Good foundations are critical for both buildings and our Christian lives. But many Christians have not had the opportunity to ensure that their lives truly are built on the rock of truth. So, this first volume in the series establishes a solid foundation on which to build a fulfilling and purposeful Christian life. It also prepares the ground for all the dynamic teaching that follows in subsequent volumes.

Book 2 – God, Me and the Enemy

It is vital that we know God as He really is, know ourselves as we really are and understand the strategies of the enemy to undermine the faith of believers. This ground-breaking teaching equips the saints to live a godly Christian life in relationship with the Lord and, as a result, be able to do the works of the Kingdom of God.

Book 3 – Our Faithful God

Even though man sinned, our faithful God never stopped loving his children. This book explains God’s response to man’s sin and sets out from Scripture God’s plans through the Hebrew people to send a Messiah who would be the Saviour of the World. Brings understanding to what Jesus accomplished on the cross and what that means practically for Christians today.

Book 4 – Jesus – Our Living Hope

The heart of Book 4 is, simply, Jesus. We look at the prophecies about the coming Messiah, Jesus’s early life, His temptations, the beginnings of His ministry and the call and commissioning of His disciples. Then we learn deep lessons from the final teachings Jesus shared with His disciples. A hugely practical book in the series, full of life-application teaching.

Book 5 – Jesus – Healer & Deliverer

Book 5 focuses on all the different healings that Jesus carried out and on the different healing principles we can learn from the things that Jesus said and did when healing and delivering people. We see how Jesus seamlessly blended inner healing, physical healing and deliverance ministry as He sought to bring wholeness into the lives of those who came to Him.

Book 6 – Dying to Live

All the Gospels culminate in the amazing accounts of Jesus’s death and resurrection. We look stage by stage at all that Jesus did for us on the cross and examine just what His sacrifice means for us today. The Great Commission, the life of the early church, all that Jesus taught about the end times and His coming again complete this book in the series.

Book 7 – God’s Plan for my Healing

In Book 7 we see how all the teaching of Books 1 – 6 together helps us focus on how God wants to heal each one of us on our Journey to Freedom. In a very practical way we look at the main areas of life where people most need healing and see how, through healing, God enables us to both face the reality about our past and equip us for the future He has planned for our lives.

Book 8 – My Life in God’s Hands

The last book in the series concentrates on how to live in God’s vision for our lives and how to persevere in running the marathon race that life is for each one of us. We then look at the final stages of life and the challenge of finishing our race well as we prepare for our eternal destiny and the glorious future that lies ahead for those who are in Christ Jesus.

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  1. JTF Subscriber

    Journey to Freedom has been like a plaster cast holding a broken leg in position whilst healing takes place, it has held me in position whilst my Father God has touched the broken places. It has been a lifeline, so that I now have more confidence, a greater sense of self-worth and self-belief, and also a deeper trust in Father God. Even though I had an assurance that God is perfect love, as I’ve worked through Journey to Freedom I have become more secure in that love and in being His daughter.

  2. JTF Subscriber

    Journey to Freedom completed, what a journey! Many, many thanks to all the team, you have worked so hard. To be able to do Journey to Freedom in my own home, in my own time was an offer too good to miss. And WOW – in the early weeks it was like eating fresh bread. To have 365 days of teaching, even though it has taken me longer than a year, has made me stronger. So much has happened, many battles to fight, many tears shed but it’s also been a time of sure and steady growth for me. I have a deeper understanding of the grace of God and the enemy’s tactics.

  3. JTF Subscriber

    I find my relationship with my Lord deepening day by day. I eagerly await the remaining weeks of teaching. The teaching has done so much already that I almost feel breathless at the thought of what’s yet to come. I so long for everyone to experience what I’m now experiencing

  4. JTF Subscriber

    I thank God that there were basic teachings in the first week, it was just what I needed to put my relationship with the Lord on firm and clear foundations. They were also necessary to search and prepare myself for the new things that I learnt in the following weeks, and making me eagerly expect to be changed from inside out. Now, near the end of my week 5, I agree with Peter’s testimony that Journey to freedom is God-sent because I KNOW now that He wants me to listen when He is speaking

  5. JTF Subscriber

    I guess no matter how far along the path we are we still need to be revisiting the amazing and yet very simple truths of the Cross and our relationship with God because of it. I am being reminded daily by a personal situation that we can have all the head knowledge of Scripture, but unless we really believe it and live it we can very easily become unprotected against the enemy’s lies and temptations. Your daily teachings are a tonic to my soul and refreshing to my thinking.

  6. JTF Subscriber

    Journey to Freedom has changed my life forever. These past twelve months have been the most fulfilling and exciting experience I have had in my walk with the Lord.

  7. JTF Subscriber

    My relationship with God is going from strength to strength – I just love it.

  8. JTF Subscriber

    Journey to Freedom has been a lifeline – it held me safe while Father God touched the broken places

  9. JTF Subscriber

    Journey to Freedom is the most important thing I’ve ever done – it’s reality!

  10. JTF Subscriber

    Journey to Freedom has been truly LIFE TRANSFORMING – and I still have a way to go!The teaching is extraordinary and beautiful. It all makes perfect sense. I’m amazed at the things I am learning – I wish I’d had this when I first became a Christian.

  11. JTF Subscriber

    My formerly derailed destiny in life is being put back on the fast track!

  12. JTF Subscriber

    Journey to Freedom is challenging and provoking – God is using it to wonderfully transform my life.”

  13. JTF Subscriber

    Inspired and inspirational. The teaching is astounding and has opened up a whole new experience for me in my Christian journey

  14. JTF Subscriber

    This journey becomes more exciting every day. I have dealt with so many issues in my own life

  15. JTF Subscriber

    I now believe I have a destiny and a future which I didn’t have before – miracles DO happen!”

  16. JTF Subscriber

    Excellent and brilliant foundational teaching for every Christian

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